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In the UK, Equifax is a key player in the credit reference game. For this reason, the agency has become quite popular particularly for those who are in serious need of credit. Apart from extending credit, Equifax also offers several other related services. Among these, requests for an Equifax free credit score report is one of the more common services. 

A credit report is important for consumers as it gives them an idea on how they have been making use of the credit extended to them. On the part of the credit agencies, the report is used as basis on whether further credit can still be extended to a lender given his credit score. Conversely, a free credit score report can help credit firms decide if the credit limit of a particular lender can be increased based on his or her credit score.

Credit reports often vary in terms of presentation and content. As such, it is not surprising if some reports are incomplete and useless while others are presented in comprehensive fashion. For this reason, a review of the many different credit reports being made available should be made in order to determine which one is the best.

In this regard, reviews made of an Equifax free credit score report find this comprehensive as it contains only customer-relevant information. In particular, a single report can be expected to carry the all-important FICO score of a given consumer as well as a unique 3-in-1 bureau credit data. The FICO score is especially significant as this is normally used by creditors as basis when trying to determine the credit worthiness of an individual.

Strangely, most other credit reports being provided by other credit firms do not carry the FICO score. As such, a given lender will often end up having very little idea on his actual credit standing. Thus far, Equifax has been found to be one of only two creditors which have opted to include the FICO scores when preparing requested credit reports.

A given Equifax free credit score report also carries a few other interesting packages, but the most significant of these has to be the so-called Score Watch, a system which helps in the monitoring of the FICO score of every individual lender. This particular service can be quite important to many consumers as it can help them manage their available credits more effectively given the fact that how they spend these can adversely affect their FICO scores.     

In summary, an Equifax free credit score report is a most useful tool for the average lender. It contains only relevant information that customers can utilize when trying to determine their current credit standing.  In spite of this, however, some people find difficulty in securing a copy of their own credit report owing to the system currently in place on the Equifax website. The agency has yet to address this particular issue; however, doing so as soon as possible should be seriously consider given the growing number of people who wish to avail of the services that Equifax offers.

Your credit score is one of your major financial strengths. How you can increase that? Firstly you need to know some basics on which is it, how it's calculated and just how it fluctuates. Chintamani Abhyankar explains key features of credit score.

How to Improve my Credit Score - First Things First

You may have
asked yourself how to improve my credit score quickly so if you're reading this you might be in necessity of some tips and tricks. First of all, these tips are more effective for those with medium to decent credit and may get fast results. For those with medium to bad credit these tips are still very helpful however the time needed to boost your credit score might take a little longer. If you're in bad shape with your credit and achieving a hard time balancing the budget then you should consider seeing a debt management company or credit counselor for help. This is also true for all those with a good credit score looking to raise their score. They know what they are doing and may put the money in the right place for any nominal fee. The fee is usually paid monthly and allows you to put all your payments into one place and allow them to do the work. These fees are typically quite cheap considering what they are offering and how much money they are able to save you in the end. If you have bad credit and things seem to be tumbling downhill you will want to see one of these companies before you ever consider bankruptcy. They often don’t charge for a consultation visit to discuss your choices.